Is there a workaround for a TV that doesn't support Dolby Digital Passthrough to ARC

  • 24 September 2018
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I'm sorry if this has been solved elsewhere, In fact I'm sure I read of a solution but now I can't find the relevant information.

I have a Beam connected to Arc point - Dolby Digital Audio from an app within the TV such as Netflix or Prime pushes dolby digital through to the Beam. Lovely.

However, trying to get Dolby Digital from my Sky Box (into HDMI 1) or Xbox (into HDMI 3) and then to pass through to the Beam via the Arc isn't possible 😞 My TV doesn't support HDMI audio passthrough.

I'm sure I read of an hdmi switch box or some kind of workaround that would allow me to get Dolby from sky box through to the Beam via my TV's Arc connection?!

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6 replies

You probably want something along the lines of this:

There's lots of companies that make this kind of thing, Flexson happens to be the one I find easiest to reference, but I have no experience with their electronics to give you a recommendation.

With this device, you'd then connect the optical output from this splitter to your Beam.
Many thanks - That almost looks like the perfect solution, and in fact, may be the only solution, however I was hoping to keep the Arc connection between the Beam and TV for volume control etc using the TV's remote.
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If you tv has enough HDMI inputs, you could just try the optical out from the tv and not bother with the flaff of an additional switch box.
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I would imagine that if the TV isn't passing through DD from HDMI sources to HDMI-ARC, it's also not likely passing DD to the optical connection too.

And as far as remote control, Beam also has an infrared sensor, and should be able to be programmed to respond to your TV remote's button presses, assuming the TV remote is infrared and not RF or Bluetooth. You may need to redo the TV setup steps in the Sonos app so it can be programmed for your remote instead of looking for commands via HDMI.
I found the post I was looking for - It mentions an EDID emulator, I will try the optical cable out, but yes, I have my doubts whether the dolby will come in via HDMI and then out via Optical? I'm hoping this emulator will work!
So - seemingly the EDID emulator did not work! 😞