Is Sonos planning to let people pair additional speaker to the front, for a wider surround sound stage?

  • 11 June 2021
  • 2 replies

I bought an ARC + SUB + SONOS SL. And I’m super impressed, the sound is so clear and so crisp, I really love it. I think it would be great tough, if SONOS will implement the possibility to use additional SONOS SL as front speaker, in addition to the arc (that woull be than more a center atmos speaker), this would help to wide the fron sound stage, and will sound stellar!

2 replies

There have been many requests since the original release of the PLAYBAR, and then the subsequent releases of the PLAYBASE, the Beam, and now the Arc. 

Since Sonos doesn’t share their roadmap with those of us in the public, there’s no guaranty that they’re working on something like that. Given the number of years since the release of the PLAYBAR, I wouldn’t hold my breath, but then again, things do change over time.

We just will not find out that if they’re working on such a thing until they thing there’s a marketing advantage to do so, and the announcement wouldn’t allow a competitor to steal the idea. 

I imagined, I figured out the more we ask the more they will see there is a market for that.