Is it Sonos or Spotify?

  • 29 October 2023
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I am sure similar issues have been answered but I would like to throw a line out anyway.

I am currently traveling and have someone staying at my place where I have a Sonos home theatre system installed.

Yesterday I was playing music on my Sonos roam I travel with through the Spotify app on my phone and noticed that the music kept stopping randomly (I was using Bluetooth).

During the same period, I got a message from the person staying at my place saying that the Sonos System keeps stopping and skipping ant random intervals. They were playing from their own source and not using Spotify from within the Sonos app.

Due to the timing of both these isolated issues, I ask myself: “Is this coincidental or is there more to this?”

Could it be Spotify somehow causing the issue?

Is it interference? 

Am I going crazy?




1 reply

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Unless they where using your Spotify account, I wouldn’t think the faults are connected to you both using Spotify at the same time.