Is 3.1> 5.0?

  • 10 June 2017
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I have 4 play1s and a PLAYBAR. Play1 in the kitchen. Play1 in the entryway. Pair of play1s in the bedroom and a PLAYBAR in the great room connected to the tv.

I have been wanting a play5 since I heard the sound. Amazing.

I was thinking to put a play5 in the bedroom and move the stereo set of play1s to the great room to do a 5.0 surround set up. Will I be satisfied with the 5? It's not a huge bedroom but it isn't small. Will I miss the stereo separation?

Now I see the sub is on sale. It had me thinking I could add a sub to the PLAYBAR and keep the 1s in the bedroom. I can't afford both at the moment. I have been very happy with just the PLAYBAR in the great room. I was never interested in the sub but I keep reading on this sub (lol) how amazing it is.

Is the PLAYBAR/sub better than the PLAYBAR/1s (3.1>5.0)?
Is the Play5 better than a stereo pair of play 1s?

PLAYBAR is attached to the tv but my priority is music. $100 off the sub and found a open box play5 for almost $100 off; both at Best Buy.

Get a play 5 for the bedroom, bring the play 1s into the great room and wait on the sub?
Get a sub for the great room for 3.1, leave the stereo 1s in the bedroom and wait on the 5?

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4 replies

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Hi Dangerboy79

Welcome to the Sonos community

Go for the Sub it is amazing.

Just my opinion.
I agree; it will also let the bar do a better job when it plays just music. Also try it with the 1 pair in the bedroom and see where it adds the most value to you before deciding where to permanently leave it.
Thank you for your replies
See my edited addition as well:-)