in doubt of buying sub


I have 2 sonos 5 speakers just added the sub 

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I don’t quite understand what you are saying. If you performed Trueplay with SUB disabled, it is expected that you will listen with SUB disabled. If SUB was enabled during Trueplay setup, it is expected that SUB will be enabled while listening. In addition to bass/treble, there is a SUB specific level control. SUB should be placed vaguely in the same plain as the Bonded speakers.

And if you are listening, finally, to a 5 pair bonded to a Sub, with Trueplay done, I suggest listening to it with Trueplay ON for a week or so and then do the toggle Trueplay ON/OFF to decide which mode you prefer.


Hi everyone I've had my subwoofer for 3 weeks now very happy with set up with 2 5s I play music through spotify which is ok has anyone used tidal what other services can anyone suggest 

IMO, it isn't worth the bother to chop and change in search of better sound quality. I use Spotify all the time, and ripped CDs in lossless format once in a while from my NAS. I don’t hear any quality differences in the two alternatives.

I don’t know about a search for better sound quality. I’m still searching, in vain, for some punctuation. Any would do. 😉