Ideas on best performance/tuning for LR open space

  • 12 January 2021
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I have a 5.2 setup, with the two subwoofers at the front along with the Playbase. They must remain in that location for aesthetics. The surrounds are behind the sofa along the backside of the kitchen counter.

I’ve attached a photo, but is there anything I can do regarding the placement of the surrounds, or more importantly the Trueplay tuning. The green is the path I took to tune it. The orange is the locales of the Sono’s system. I didn’t know if I should go into the full kitchen while tuning, or just keep it in the watching area.

Also, as you can imagine, sitting at the sofa corner(s) is very loud for surrounds. Perhaps they need to be put into negative numbers? ideally they’d go to the L/R of the sofa, but that’s not really possible.



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1 reply

This might interest you:

Basically you should wander around the whole area (Trueplay gets grumpy if you don’t move sufficiently) and concentrate a bit on your primary listening position, i.e. the couch.

If the surrounds are too loud just turn them down, via the room settings.