idea (missing volume ajustment for input on PLAYBAR)

  • 20 July 2015
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Some TV's do not have an ajustment possibility of the level of volume for their optical out. Which results in increased sonos volume during watching television. When switching back to internet radio or spotify a sudden volume increase will occur throughout all sonos systems which are groupped (because the master volume has been increased in order to compensate the low optical-out volume level of the TV). A volume level change option of the optical-in on PLAYBAR i.o. to compensate would probably solve the issue (see PLAYBAR as a sort of a "pre amp" for putting your TV sound on the Sonos network (frequently used when viewing concerts)).

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2 replies

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Good suggestion. I have the same problem, this would be an easy fix
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The issue is often with TV decoders, if you have bonded Sonos with the same remote as the TV decoder and you're adjusting the volume, you are adjusting the volume for both of them. Do you use a setup box with your TV?