i can't connect my Amp with my Arc

  • 17 December 2020
  • 3 replies

Every time i try to link my Amp as  a surround speaker of my Arc the room disappear and nothing happen i need to reset it and retry . the Amp gonna work fine if i setup it as stereo speakers

but gonna disapear if i try to link it as surround. i dont know what to do




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3 replies

It is supposed to ‘disappear’, as the Amp becomes part of the Arc’s room. What you should then see is the Arc’s room name, followed by (+LS +RS) in settings>System. Under Sound on that page, you should now see the option for Surround Audio, which allows you to make adjustments to those speakers attached to the Amp. 

i know ! its the basic  it disappear and doesnt come as suround  i mean ! im a resealler since 2010 and i install it .  sorry for my bad english  . it’s not my first language



Vous voudrez peut-être poster ceci sur le forum en Français, la plupart des gens de ce forum ne lisent pas la langue.

Including me. Too many years have passed since I spoke French to do any tech help in the language, I’m merely facile in using Google Translate.