how to play 2.1 on all 3 speakers if 5.1 setup ?

  • 28 August 2017
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My old system had a reciever. I could enable advanced surround sound and my 2.1 would play voice on all 5 speakers and the left right and left rare would play the left sound and the right front and right rare would play the right. Is this possible with a 5.1 setup with bonos with the bar and 2 speakers? Is there a setting or way to do it? I did ready this might be a possible solution but am not sure. I have not purchased this yet just doing research. Thanks!

Inside your Room Settings for the PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE are two additional options.
Music playback which allows you to choose between two settings for the surround speakers:
Ambient: Default option; subtle, ambient sound.
Full: Enables louder, full range stereo sound.
Selecting Full has the surround speakers playing stereo along with the PLAYBAR when you have a music source playing, this has no effect when playing TV.

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