How to connect Sonos to a remote "the Frame" Base station

  • 18 January 2022
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I Have a “The Frame” Samsung TV, and the base / components are far away from the TV itself in a cabinet in the back of the room (NOT behind the TV or near it). As you might know the “Frame” Base station is connected to the TV by a fiber optics cable so the “brains” of the TV can be placed far from the screen. Now, I would like to be able to incporporate the sound coming out of the TV to my SONOS, so I can play it in any of the SONOS connected speakers. Any ideas as to what device I would need to connect to the TV base (that is NOT a Sound bar…?) Thank you!!!!


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2 replies

The only Sonos device that isn’t a soundbar that is designed to be connected to a TV is the Sonos Amp, which also is connected to the TV set’s output via either ARC/eARC or optical. It drives two speakers of essentially your choice (matching the Amp’s output) and creates an interpolated center channel.

Sonos does not make a wireless device that connects to any TV signal to play mono, stereo, or any home theater type of signal. 

In the case of playing the TV’s input (whether on a sound bar, or an Amp), speakers in the home theater “room” (think zone, not physical room) will be in sync, but any other Sonos speaker that is “grouped” will be slightly behind, by at least 75ms. 

There are several threads about issues in particular with the software driving the Samsung Frame and its difficulties in presenting a correct ARC/eARC signal to a Sonos device. You may want to read them first.

But if you’re looking for a speaker system that can send your TV’s audio wirelessly to any number of speakers, Sonos isn’t it….nor do I think there’s any system that is it. 

Hello! Thanks a lot. So, If I connect a SONOS AMP to the TV - which I can do, as long as that SONOS Amp is connected to some speakers, I will be able to now play the TV sounds on any of the SONOS Speakers I have in my network?  


  • Just re-read your thread. Will look into the SONOS ARC/eARC issues. Looks like the 75ms delay isues is a killer….