How to connect Sonos Play 5 (gen2) with Nebula Mars 2 projector?

  • 31 May 2020
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How to connect Sonos Play 5 (gen2) with Nebula Mars 2 projector?

Can someone please advise me how to make this connection work?  I also have a Sonos Play 1, if that is better for this.

Thank you.

7 replies

Could you provide a link to the tech specs for this projector?

In general, connecting a video source to a Sonos system requires one of Sonos’ sound bars, or the Sonos Amp, due to the delay on the analog input on the PLAY:5.  If this projector has HDMI ARC, you could use a Beam, or a Sonos Amp. If it doesn’t, an external HDMI switch like device with an optical output would be needed to connect the audio to a PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE. 

Here is the link for the projector I’m using -


I already own a Sonos Play 5 and Play 1 speakers.  I’m not looking to buy another speaker.  

I am using this for outdoor use, if that makes a difference.



I don’t see anything there that indicates any sort of audio out. None of your Sonos speakers would connect to it. 

I already have the projector and it does have an audio out port.  Please see the following pic of the back of the projector.  



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What is the connector for “Audio Out”? If it’s an analogue 3.5mm jack you can use that into your Play:5 aux input.

I agree with nik9669a. That would indeed connect to a line in on a PLAY:5. You’d still have the minimum delay of 75ms on that input, which would likely be trouble for lipsync, but if that isn’t an issue for you, his solution would work. 

Thank you!