How to adjust TV volume with Amazon Fire Stick & Sonos Amp (no IR)

  • 16 January 2021
  • 2 replies

I have the sonos amp connected to ceiling speakers and the amp is in a different room. I connected the TOS-LINK from the TV to the Sonos AMP and it works great but I have no way to control the volume except for the Sonos App. The Amazon FireTV remote works via Bluetooth with PlayBars but that only works when it can reach the IR. I don't want to use an IR extended running another cable to the closet. The rack has 6 sonos amps in it and I don't want the issue or the IR controlling more than one box and also I don't want to run the IR cable. Is there any way to configure the Amazon Firestick to control the volume without IR?

2 replies

Unfortunately, no. TOS-LINK does not have the capacity to carry volume change information, you’d need either ARC or eARC for that to happen. Without IR, you’re not going to get any volume change info to the Amp without using the controller. 

I thought that was going to be the issue. I am sending the signal over CAT6 with a convertor and then at the amp I need to use Sonos’s convertor from TOSLINK to HDMI ARC. Its a shame the only HDMI ARC over CAT6 I could find was very over priced at almost $300 …