How make my living room or tv room like Metallica concert?

  • 7 July 2019
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In both rooms we have sonos playbar & sub. In the living room we have 2x play 3 +1x sonos 5. In the tv room, we have 2x sonos 1 + 1x sonos play. We not really watch move. We love music and We going often at the concert (Metallica, Godsmack, Volbeat, Seether, Etc.) And I would like make a surprise to my husband and get a music room( in the living room or in the tv room). Before got the tv room, the 2 sub were I n the living room, but we not see the difference, we try different seting, moving the sub. All time the sound is clear..... but our clothes don't move 😉. What I can/need for all our Saturday Night is like a Metallica concert?

9 replies

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For the rooms with Subs, go to the room settings, advanced audio, sub settings and move the slider as far right as it will go. Do this for all subs.
Also make sure that in the surround settings (also under advanced audio), the surrounds are set to "full", not "ambient".

Group all rooms together. Move the volume slider for the group or for all rooms to the far right. Select Master of Puppets, hit play.

Don't come here to complain if the neigbours call the police.
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That's going to be the epitome of overkill, but perhaps that's your target?
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They wanted their clothes to move, I tried to provide...

Personally, I have one sub in my house, which is set to a little below 50%, anything over is no longer comfortable to listen to.
I rarely go over 50% volume for any of my rooms either.

I live in the Netherlands, although brick and concrete and well isolated, houses here are built closely together because we are a densely populated country. I get along with my neighbours and I'd like to keep it that way, so no, I would not follow my own advice.

Come to think of it, I think that the OP is prone to the subjective mistake most people make, that loud music should sound distorted. In that case, they need to buy something that is inferior to Sonos.
It is also important to realise the limitation of ANY home audio system, even one ten times the price of any Sonos set up; it cannot provide the thrill of a live gig. Whether that be a smoky basement jazz bar after midnight, or said Metallica concert with amplification that is distorted by intent. The pleasure of a live gig isn't felt by the ears alone, which are the only organs that any home audio system can feed. It is an experience that is delivered to the eyes as well; perhaps even the nose! There is also the contribution of others present that makes it what it is.

Plus, most people have neighbours that don't take kindly to being forced to have a Metallica concert next door.
I make test; sub at 100%, ( surround already set up at 100% and on music) and push the volume at max..... its loud, very loud ( only inside the house, outside my neighbour can’t complain, we hear juste a little bit.) for the bass....we can’t feel the difference between this setup than my original ( sub 60% and volume at 75%)
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I think the design of the sub was to give good sound but with minimum vibration. The two speakers face each other. This design reduces the vibrations but still gives good audio results.

The speakers at at a gig, especially for heavy metal bands, don’t have that design requirement. They want to move large volumes of air and that’s why you feel the bass frequencies more in that environment.
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The advice above was to turn the sub settings to maximum. You could also try increasing the bass in the equaliser settings.
Yes probably, I tried different setup for the bass and you can’t hear the difference. Maybe I should change my music style 😉
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This more or less confirms my earlier statement. You are expecting distortion and/or vibration, which you associate with how "loud" the music sounds or feels. Sonos equipment, though not audiophile-level technology if you ask any audiophile, is built to retain audio quality at high volumes, without those artefacts.
The Sub specifically, is built to transmit the vibration that is sound, but to reduce the displacement of air, so it can be easily placed anywhere and in any orientation within the room. As nik pointed out, that is not the case at clubs or live gigs, and I daresay that bands like Metallica might well intentionally overdrive their equipment to achieve the desired effect.