How does Arc receive audio

  • 18 December 2020
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So I have the Sonos Arc and like many many people here I’m getting audio dropouts while streaming through my android TV (Sony X900h).  I have it connected to port 3 (eARC port) and have changed the port to enhanced etc.  I also have a PS5 connected to port 4 (so both are on hdmi 2.1). I’ve never had a dropout or sound loss etc. from the PS5 so clearly sound can travel from one to the other, however I constantly get sound dropout from the Arc while streaming.


I’ve seen advice to hardwire the Arc (difficult but I could do it) but how does it actually receive audio?  If I’m streaming through my TV (say the netflix app) and my TV then relays the sound to the Arc through the hdmi cable then how does hardwiring the Arc do anything?  Isn’t the data coming first through the TV and then to the Arc?  Is the video data somehow coming to the TV but the audio data getting sent via wifi?  Or am I mixing this up and the wifi is only an issue if you’re streaming audio to it say from your phone or through the spotify app it has.  I have a nest mesh wifi which I’ve heard can be an issue but I guess my main question is:

“how is the sonos Arc connection to the wifi a factor when it’s connected to the TV and if it isn’t, then what is going on :/”


Diagnostics incoming next time it happens.


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2 replies

A TV app sends its audio to the Arc over HDMI-ARC/eARC. Nothing to do with the network.

It sounds like there could be a fault in the TV’s own network connection, or the app, or perhaps in the TV itself.

That’s what I thought (about the wifi being a separate issue) I could perhaps see it being a TV fault if there wasn’t such a massive pervasive number of people all having the same issue (streaming apps through their TV and getting sound cut outs).  People have changed TV’s, changed brands, changed cables, changed Arcs even and still get audio cut outs.  At this point I honestly have no idea what’s causing it and I don’t know if Sonos do either to be honest.  It seems that the replies are “we’re working with people, check back later” I’m giving it until Jan 15th as my best buy return ends there and I’d have to get into warranties.