How do I make the playbar work with DTS 5.1 which my Samsung TV optically outputs?

  • 5 July 2014
  • 3 replies

Otherwise my playbar 5.1 setup is mute. -Matt

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3 replies

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The Playbar doesn't support DTS. You'll probably need to change the output settings on your TV. Read the manual for how to do that.
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Have you considered selling the sonos and buying a much cheaper system that supports DTS.

You would probably have at least a grand cash back and be able to watch whatever you wanted in glorious 5.1.

(My mum warned me about sarcasm; sorry mum.)
It's important to know if your TV transcodes DTS and outputs 5.1 via optical. My samsung does (settings>advanced) but some don't. What's the model of your TV?