how do I connect my own subwoofer?

  • 30 November 2013
  • 27 replies

ok so I have a playbar and i have a tanoy subwoofer. this one what do i need to do to connect this subwoofer with the playbar?

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27 replies

I just did this. I ran the optical from the TV to my receiver "optical in" and optical from the receiver "optical out" to the playbar. It requires handling sound on/off through the receiver, but I don't mind the extra tap to turn on the receiver. Sub woofer volume is through the receiver and TV/playbar sound is handled through the TV. We are contemplating just leaving the receiver on all the time, but I think that's a little too lazy.

Sound is synced perfectly. No echo or delay of any kind. Sounds fantastic. I guess the receiver and sub wont be sold at the garage sale in May!

And we can spend our money on some more Play Ones to go in the bedroom. it's all good.
Okay, I fibbed a bit. I misunderstood what others were wanting to do. What I have is a sub woofer working with the TV, receiver, etc. NOT the Sonos. I'm happy having it do this, but I can see why it won't work in conjunction with the Sonos.