How do I connect my iphone via bluetooth to the playbar?

  • 10 November 2014
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I want to connect my iphone six to the playbar so I can play music from youtube through my sonos system?


Moderator note: We updated this article in October 2023 with new information below.

No, the Sonos Playbar cannot be used as a Bluetooth speaker. 
If the device providing the source material is Airplay 2 compatible, this may be a solution for you. A tutorial for this can be found here: Using Airplay 2 on Sonos.

If you want to use Bluetooth on Sonos, we have the Sonos Move, Move 2, Era 100, Era 300 and the smaller, more portable Sonos Roam. Please see here for more details on the Sonos Move. And here for more details on Sonos Roam.

We have a guide that talks you through the  different uses of our products and describes which products have which functionalities. Click here to read that topic: “Which Sonos speakers are right for me?”

A complete list of products can be found here: Use Bluetooth on Sonos


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5 replies

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You can't connect through Bluetooth, you can't stream music from YouTube. Use the sonos iPhone app and you can steam music from you phone or you can use a service like Spotify. Also in the sonos App check out radio by Tunein.
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best bet would be if your TV had a youtube app (or device hooked to it that can do youtube).
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AirPlay with an Apple TV ! Not Bluetooth
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I agree with Nick. If have apple products adding AirPlay via appletv or airport express (audio only)is the way to go for ease of use.
I use chromecast to cast YouTube to my tv. This is transparent to sonos - it plays the tv audio regardless of the source