Honestly...does everyone just live with lip sync delay?

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The TV people don't care much about lip sync. The film industry dealt with it in the 1940's. I've been in the control room of a local TV station and pointed out the lip sync issue on their own monitors. Their reply was a blank stare indicating: "you are clueless, you just don't get it!". In some cases a video tape recorded on machine 'A' will result in lip sync issues when played on machine 'B'. This does not bother the TV guys. In general, I find that the movie channels have the best lip sync.

In a few cases I have noticed that connecting the TV directly to the cable box results in the picture being ahead of the audio. If this is your situation, other than swapping the cable box and hoping that there is improvement, you are stuck with bad lip sync that is baked in at the cable company or TV station. From comments I see on the SONOS community, it seems that TV lip sync is less of an issue in Europe.
RRG UPDATE , OK , So the Geek squad from Best Buy have installed a new Sonos system for me . I will say it did fix the issue with the right rear speaker cutting out but no help with the audio delay issue . Some Channels are worse that others but no channel is correct in sync . Also , now while listening to music from my I phone it decides to cut the songs off about 2/3 way thru and stop playing . Change song manually and starts playing again ?
All the folks with suggestions as to how to re-configure the system are much appreciated but the way I see it is , I've
had 4 different Geek squad techs come to try and correct this but non were able . I have to assume they know what they are doing and follow the Sonos guidelines . My feeling is this may not ever get resolved ? So many brands of TV's , updates , technology , Wi-Fi , wireless , Streaming , ect . Maybe Sonos will respond with something other than call our tech support because it hasn't helped me any . If anything changes I'll be the first to post it .
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Hi RRG, the audio sync issues are a known problem with Dolby Digital signals going through your LG TV. They're looking into it, but we don't have any specific details on when a fix might come. Swapping out Sonos devices won't fix this, and any soundbar that's playing Dolby Digital and connected to the optical on the TV will have the same problem.

I know other people who have the same TV and are using HDMI switchers instead. Their sources got the HDMI switcher, an HDMI cable goes from that box to your TV to give you video, and an optical connection goes from the HDMI switcher to your Sonos PLAYBAR. The lip sync issues will be gone with this setup since the TV is no longer responsible for handling the Dolby Digital audio.

As to the audio cutting out on your rear speaker, I'm seeing some wireless interference there which could be the source of the problem. If you have any wireless devices sitting next to your PLAYBAR or near your surround speakers, that could be the source of the wireless.

It looks like you have an open case with our support team that you can follow up with via email if you'd like to get some more information or have more trouble with the surround speakers. The technician is happy to assist.
Ryan , Nothing sitting next to speakers and as I noted above the speaker issue seems to be corrected . What is not corrected is while playing music on my I Phone the system just cuts the songs off and stops , I can forward to the next song and it starts playing again . This happens at random and often . As for interference in general , my system is set up with Direct TV wireless and the receiver is by the TV and playbar as it should be . If that is a problem the Geek guys set it up that way .
Now as for adding another component to correct the audio issue , Guess i'll try that , interesting to me that no one from best buy has ever mentioned that or informed me I would need to do that when I bought the system .
Also it is not only LG TV'S that have this issue , Stay tuned .
Sonos says use an HDMI Switcher ,Ordering this today per best buy recommendation to correct audio issue , will be installed by Best Buy , Will let everyone know how it works out .


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