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  • 24 December 2020
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Equipment Playbar, Subwoofer, 2x Play:1 connected to Panasonic TV 55FZ800 - All configured correctly and working. TV speakers disabled. Sonos S1 controller (due to old AMP and Play 5 in system).


My issue is with the intermittent operation of rear speakers when watching sport highlights on TV.

When there is studio chat this plays from Playbar only but when the chat continues and they shows some game highlight, the rear speakers kick into life and play both studio commentary and (artificial) crowd noise from the game. 

Does anyone else experience this and find it annoying? Is there a solution to it?


Thanks in advance all for your help. Merry Christmas

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1 reply

The studio chat is typically in mono, so comes through the Playbar centre channel. 

On some content the surround speakers will carry ambient sound, such as crowd noise. It depends on the broadcaster. 

You can always set the volume of the surrounds to a lower level.