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  • 1 September 2021
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I currently have two Play:1’s in my living room that are paired for music.  I like the idea of getting a Playbase and using them as a home theatre setup (I know it is discontinued, but I can still find them online).  I’m using the S1 app.

Some questions if I may -

  • If i pair them as rear speakers with the playbase, can I still use them as general speakers for music through the app (as I do now with the paired Play:1’s)
  • Presume in use, I turn on the TV and then the Sonos and they then work together? when I turn off the TV I then also turn off the Sonos?

Anything to watch out for?





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You will have a choice. I have my Ones as rear surrounds, bonded to my Playbase. That gives me 5.1 sound (I have the Sub too) for movies etc. Then for music you can boost/reduce the volumes from Playbase and surrounds, depending on your preference for music. It’s a bit odd at first to have stereo music coming from behind you, but I soon got used to it. 
Otherwise, you could use the Playbase for the 3 front channels, but use your Play:1’s as you do currently for music. This will give you a wider sound stage than the Playbase can offer. 
The tv sound will only play when the tv is turned on. You’ll need to set the tv sound mode to “external speakers” or some such, to disable the tv’s inbuilt speakers.