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  • 18 May 2023
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Hi friends,


  I have an existing 9.1 room wired with inceiling speakers and a traditional AVR.  I want to use a ARC for my front stage, then use 2 amps to push surround speakers.  Is this possible? So Channels 1-3 will be on the ARC and channels 4-9 will be on AMPs.  Can this be done software wise with the Sonos logic?


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1 reply

No, Sonos doesn’t have a configuration for a 9.1 setup. You can only have left and right surround channels, either a pair of Sonos speakers or 1 amp driving a pair of speakers.  Era 300 I guess is the exception, since it does a bit more than rear surround, but still only 2 speakers allowed.

You could use a single amp to power bother pairs of speakers, but you aren’t gaining any audio channels that way.  

What are hoping to accomplish by switching to Sonos?