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I have a new Yamaha Adventage receiver and am looking to go wireless with Sonos. Sonos appears to be the best in wireless music. However, my interest is home theatre. Am I able to connect Sonos home theatre or just piece speakers together like the One’s or the Beam with the sub to create an awesome and loud home theatre experience with my Yamaha receiver? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
No, the two systems are incompatible. Sonos only offers a 5.1 system with their own soundbars, the Beam, the PLAYBASE, or the PLAYBAR. They don't offer a solution that uses 6 separate speakers.
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topilouf1 wrote:

Sonos user for a long time, I recently bought a Beam, and I'm looking for a cheap blu ray player capable to transcode "everything" to AC3.
i've seen the recommanded List but I'm looking for a second hand player, and I'll not have much choices, or budget (75€ max)

I looked at a "compatible" samsung player user guide, and saw that the wanted feature is the "Bitstream (Re-encoded Dolby Digital) " choice under audio settings.

Will all samsung player with this setting be fully compliant to transcode at least DTS and DTS-HD to AC3 to HDMI output (I'll use an HDMI audio extractor as my 2014 Samsung TV don't have 5.1 passthrough through HDMI) ?
Or the behaviour can depends on the model ?

If I have to buy a new one, I'll give a try to the BD-J5500. Any confirmation about is compatibility ?


Can you find a Samsung BD-H6500 second hand as this player definitely converts bitstream on the fly once you amend some of the settings.?A cheaper option would be the Sony BDP S4100 which I also use as mine is DVD playback is region-free. The Samsung is the better player overall though out of the two in my opinion. The Sony's styling is also rather unusual....
Does anyone know if the Samsung bd-j5500 supports dts to DD on the fly and compatible with the playbar?
Many thanks
HDMI Switch Recommendation with UK availability.

Hi all, I've just bought the following HDMI switch and it looks like it will do the job of getting AC3 5.1 to the PlayBar from all sources consistently.

It's the snappily named 'FiveHome 3 In 1 Out HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter with Remote' and I got it from (link below).

It's a 3 way switch with ARC, EDID overwrite and SPDIF out with auto channel switching. I'm running it with a Virgin Media Tivo V6 box and a PS4 Pro into a Panasonic TX40-CX680B TV.

I'm getting 4k @ 50Hz from the Tivo and 4k @ 60Hz from the PS4, DD 2.0 from the Tivo (haven't found a 5.1 broadcast yet) and DD5.1 from the PS4 and all the TV apps that will support it.

Automatic input switching seems to work well, if a little bit slow but it comes with a remote if necessary.

I've only had it a couple of days so it's too early to comment about reliability but functionally it seems to be all there. I've tried several of these over the last few months and they've all had various issues, but so far this seems to do the job.

I'll report back if there are any problems and if anyone has any questions, fire away!
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Anyone use the Sony A8F OLED?
Does it pass through Dolby Digital for Sonos 5.1?
I recently became the happy owner of a Sonos Beam and wanted to share with you a fine HDMI audio extractor that I use with it to acces the full 5.1 capabilities that I now have combined with my play 1’s.
My samsung tv is a bit older and only outputs stereo over optical. The extractor I use is by AGPTEK, model number HDSW0003M1. I bought it on Amazon Germany, it ran me about 32 euro’s. My LG blu-ray player and Apple TV are both hooked up to the HDMI inputs, the Beam is connected to the optical output of the extractor and the tv to the HDMI output of the extractor. The blu-ray player outputs exactly what I select on the disc, it doesn’t have any on the fly downmix or conversion capabilities. The Apple TV is set to automatic audio output, so I didn’t force Dolby digital 5.1 output in the settings. The extractor converts, as far as I was able to test, every Dolby surround variant (True HD, etc) except DTS. For that I will upgrade my blu-ray player in the future.
Everything works fine, very happy with it. It comes with a basic remote but also has buttons on the front if you want to keep it out of view, which I do because of the row of bright LED’s.
I was able to get Dolby Digital 5.1 on a Beam from a Chromecast TV connected to an old Samsung TV (UE40D6510, dating back to 2011) by way of this EDID feeder:

kwmobile HDMI EDID manager feeder

Before I used the EDID feeder, the Beam was only recognizing the audio from the Chromecast as stereo (PCM).
By using the EDID manager set as 1080p/5.1, the audio from the Chromecast was finally recognized as DD 5.1.
The Beam is connected to the TV via HDMI ARC. The Chromecast is connected to the EDID feeder, which in turn is connected to the TV via HDMI. For testing, I played a movie (with DD 5.1 audio) from Google Play to the Chromecast. The same movie, when played from Youtube instead of Google Play, only gives stereo audio.

Hope this can help.
I can confirm that the LG OLED65B8PUA passes DD 5.1 through HDMI to optical. An Apple TV 3rd gen failed initially (even though Apple specs say it will pass it). I swapped it out for an ATV 4K and that works just fine. TV looks great, and now it sounds great!
After taking advantage of the latest Sonos sale I setup a Playbase / Sub / and a set of One's for my home theater. My LG OLED65B7A passes the audio correctly but the LG UP 870 4K blu ray player I was using didn't transcode DTS. After allot of searching as I didn't see any exact matches on a good 4K Blu-ray player that does transcode, I landed on the Samsung UBD M7500. Changed the sound out to transcode HDMI to Dolby Digital. Works perfectly and sounds so much better than a PCM stream for movies that have DTS encoding.

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