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Thanks Ryan. Quick search on Amazon gives me couple of options. Any particular switch that this community recommends. Something that has been tested and works.

Ryan S wrote:

sashiraichand wrote:


I have a Panasonic Plasma TV (2013). Model - TC-50PS64. I really want to setup my home theatre using the Sonos 5.1 system. However, based on my research so far I'm getting mixed signals on whether the optical cable from Panasonic send 5.1 or not.

I consume content from following sources:

1. Amazon Fire TV
2. Xfinity X1
3. Chromecast
4. Apple TV
5. Blu Ray player (rarely)

The TV only has 2 HDMI IN ports, so I'm looking to add a HDMI switch or Receiver. Is SONOS a feasible option for me without changing the TV. I really want to make this work. What would the setup look like?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Sashiraichand, since you have so many HDMI sources, you probably would want to use an HDMI switcher with an optical output. That way you can have everything plugged into that device, with the audio going out to Sonos and the video heading to the TV. In that configuration, it won't even matter if the TV can or can't pass Dolby over optical. Just make sure the switch you pick can.

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The second post above has these two:

Ryan S wrote:

HDMI Switcher recommendations from the community:
Octava HD-41
Monoprice ARC version 7974

I've seen the Monoprice one working great in the past, and I'm sure there are others recommended on the community as well that we haven't gotten added here. If you pick one, let us know how it goes and I can get it added to the list.
Thank you!!
As it turns out, my Turtle Beach X42 gaming headsets, which we use in our movie room because the movie room is an acoustical nightmare, can use a the same list of DTS-> Dolby transcoder 3D Blu Ray players. Also if you need a cheap 3D Blu Ray player that can either transcode DTS -> Dolby OR Dolby -> DTS, consider a Playstation 3. I already have one buty am looking for a second one. One time I found a Sanyo Blu ray player for $15 at Goodwill. If only there was a PS3 or Samsung 3D Blu Ray at Goodwill, we'd solve the poor DTS through our X42s. I got an email from Dolby Labs saying Sonos soundbar users are in the same boat, and referred me to this conversation. Samsung says all of their Blu Ray players from 2014 onward have DTS->Dolby conversion.

By the way, does anyone know anything that can do LPCM 5.1 -> Dolby 5.1 conversion for my Nintendo Wii U and MAYBE the Switch?
If you're an HD DVD hold-over, those discs are automatically converted from DTS-> Dobly if you use the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player. An Xbox 360 (any model) is required. Real oold ones don't have HDMI, real new ones gdon't have Toslink, but you can buy any Toslink extractor, and if encoded in Dolby, will pass Dobly 5.1 to the soundbar or my headsets in addition to a LPCM 2.0 together.
I have a soundbar and two play ones. Is there a way I can play the same thing through the play ones as the soundbar when watching TV? I would really like to be able to switch between true surround and just replication of all 3 speakers when watching TV.
Hi all, new to the Sonos magic here...was hoping that someone may be able to help me. Does anyone know if Kogan is a known TV to not have a optic cable outlet?
Never heard of Kogan before. Do you have a model number you're interested in, so we might look it up and give you some specific answers?
Does the Samsung UN75MU800D pass DD 5.1 through optical? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
Hi all, I've been looking around the various home cinema threads and can't seem to find any recommendations for 2017 tv's that have just come out and which pass through the 5.1. Any one from the UK just bought a decent tv and had success getting it to work with the 5.1 pass through? I'm looking at approx 50 inch tv's, possibly Sony or LG? Thanks in advance for any help :)
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Hi Alex99, I've got a 2016 Sony KD-55XD9305 which passes DD 5.1 via optical out and works brilliantly with my Sonos system. I'm pretty sure that most new Sony TV's pass DD 5.1 as did most of the older models.
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Just had a look at the User Guide for the following models and they should all pass DD 5.1:-

KD-75XE90xx / 75XE85xx / 65XE90xx / 65XE85xx / 55XE90xx / 55XE85xx / 49XE90xx
FW-75XE90xx / 75XE85xx / 65XE90xx / 65XE85xx / 55XE90xx / 49XE90xx

Digital optical jack (Two channel linear PCM:
48 kHz, 16 bits, Dolby Digital, DTS)"
Brilliant - thanks opsman that's all really useful! I'm going to go with Sony then. Much appreciated!
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No problem, be interested to know what TV you get and how you get on?


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