Home cinema with corner sofa

  • 27 November 2019
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Hi there, I have a Beam and I’m thinking of adding a couple of speakers to create a home cinema. The problem I have is I have a corner sofa so not sure if the speakers will work correctly/well with how my living room is setup. See below sketch of living room arrangement, not a massive living room so canny change it. The reason ‘person 2’ sits in that seat with a funny angle to the TV is because it’s a recliner (to be fair it’s not as bad watching from there as I expected). Would the speakers work as shown? (I’m assuming not as speaker 2 is too near the beam and in line) Or would I need to put the second speaker in the corner of the room and have ‘person 2’ sit next to ‘person 1’/in corner seat? Any advice would be appreciated even if it’s to say do not do it! I’ll just have to wait until the next house move. :grinning: Thanks


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2 replies

You can only use two speakers for rear channels, and they should be behind the seating  area  and in line with the TV.    For that reason, speakers along the back wall, positions “1” and “?” are the better choice.  Position 2 isn’t really going to work  well, even though it’s behind a seating area, since it’s even with the TV.  The goal isn’t to cover the space with sound, but have the sound come from the right location, corresponding with the action on the TV.  Because person 2 is at an angle, off to the side, he’s not going to get the ‘right’ experience anyway.  In the same way that  he’ll experience the front speakers from an angle, it should sound relatively correct to hear the rear channels the same if he/she is witnessing the action from the side.  Not idea, but better then mixed up sound for everyone.


If possible though, I’d move “?” out of the corner about 3’-4’ in, so it lines up with speaker 1.  This will mean make the audio come for a more correction location, if that makes sense.  Another alternative would be to put the TV and Beam on a swivel mount so that it will turn and face the center of the couch with the surround speakers in the middle of each walls.  That will help out person 2 at the expense of person 1...and the surround will be off a bit.  Best seats then will be near the corner.  Not sure I like that last alternative.



That great, thanks for your reply. That makes sense so will go with your first option of in the corner. Last question, the wall behind the sofa is a separating wall with our neighbour. Would a wall mount be ok or would there be quite a bit of sound transfer through to next door? Or am I best getting stands and having them a bit away from the wall? Thanks.