High pitch playbar noise

Hi there, just installed my new playbar. When not emitting music / sound (so when it is powered on but idle) the playbar is emitting a high pitch noise. It's just about audible - but as it is so high in pitch it is very annoying and means I have to turn the power off. What can I do.

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Is there a fix for this?

The only official fix offered by Sonos is a full product replacement.
VERY common fault with the Sonos Playbar - it happened to me with 2 playbars (one I sold the other I insisted on a replacement).

If you are inside your 2 year warranty you will get a hassle free replacement from Sonos.

***IMPORTANT*** If you are outside your 2 year warranty, DO NOT LET Sonos fob you off with the offer of a reduced price refurbished unit - this is a WELL KNOWN manufacturing fault and you should get a straight replacement from Sonos even if you are outside your warranty period - there is still a legal obligation for manufacturers to replace/repair known faults.

Hopefully, they won't laugh at you for your frivolous contact. Companies have no obligation to do nice things for you outside the warranty period. Even so, in this situation, Sonos actually has made you an offer!

This is totally wrong - manufacturers have an obligation to ensure their products are fit for purpose and last a reasonable length of time.

I can only speak for EU directives, but under EU law consumers can get a partial refund or full repair up to six years after the purchase was made.

This is especially true when the user can demonstrate that the fault is inherent to the product - which in the case of high pitched playbars it is.
Hi there,
I setup my new PlayBar today with the same issue. Faint high pitch noise when the unit is powered (regardless of the optical cable being plugged in or not) Diagnostic# 8100475
You need to contact support and jump through a load of hoops for them, eventually they will admit fault and you can start the RMA replacement process.

I'm curently waiting for second Playbar replacement as the one I was sent last time wouldn't connect to my Sonos system or even set up as a new system, so had to start the RMA process all over again. Meh.

Getting very annoyed and disillusioned with Sonos at this point, especially considering the amount of time and money I have invested in their 'Premium quality' products 😞
Hi there, just installed my new playbar. When not emitting music / sound (so when it is powered on but idle) the playbar is emitting a high pitch noise. It's just about audible - but as it is so high in pitch it is very annoying and means I have to turn the power off. What can I do.Hello,

Have you attempted to remove the optical cable from the back to see if you still hear the high pitch sound? What other electronics are plugged into power around the PLAYBAR?

Please submit a diagnostic when you hear this sound and I'll be happy to take a look. If you need to plug the device back in to power, please leave the PLAYBAR plugged in for about 20 minutes, then grab the diagnostic. Please reply back with your number here. 

Dominick, I had the same high pitched issue, and removed the optic cable as you suggested. This seems to have worked. Does that mean I cannot use the bar for TV without that annoying noise..? Thanks, iain
Hi, I have the same issue regarding a high pitch noise form the left side of the Playbar, I have power cycled and run a factory reset. Diagnostic number is 8279138. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand
I setup our Playbar a couple of days ago and right from the start it emitted a constant high pitch noise, I have turned off other electronics around it to see whether they were interfering with the speaker but the result is still a high pitch noise from the speaker. I have tried two different optical cables and no change, I would appreciate some help as it’s driving me mad after only this short time!
Diagnostic number 8290080.
Many thanks in advance!
Same problem here after 2 months not being used. Tried factory reset but still having the same problem. Diagnostics 8319970
My playbar was delivered today. There is a high pitch noise coming from it. I have unplugged everything around it and I can clearly hear the noise coming from the playbar. The factory reset made no difference. £699 and it doesn’t work!!
Diagnostic submitted - 8502721.
Without changing any component, this issue now reappeared on my playbar (got a replacement several times already. Sounds like a loud tinnitus that goes away when I leave the room. Is there a known issue with the quartzes sonos is using?
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Hello, all. I am very happy that you have raised this with us. In light of the issue you are encountering, if a
Factory Reset does not resolve the issue, I think it might be best that you get in touch with our support team via telephone. They will be best equipped to help you resolve this.

A note to our users: Please do not perform a Factory Reset unless expressly advised by a Sonos representative.
Just got my Playbar yesterday and set it up today. Didn’t notice the high pitch noise til this evening. I moved it around a bit and noticed if it flipped it to a wall mount orientation it seems to go away. I’m using it on a tv cabinet so this isn’t a solution.

Diagnostic number: 19652427
I'd recommend getting in touch with the support team via telephone, as indicated in the post just before yours.
I've got the same issue with my Playbar which is outside of its warranty. I contacted support online and was asked to send a video of the issue, which I did, but not heard anything since despite chasing. Shocking customer service from Sonos, I have bought numerous devices from them but will never buy from them again, I'm going to try Bose instead. If it's a known fault they should do a product recall, but I guess as no ones life is in danger they just don't care!
Hey Skelton, how's that Sonos power suppy problem going...ha,ha,ha!

Looks like complaints of same SONOS manufacturer problem (power supply - high frequency noise / stopped working) and horrible customer service responses just keep growing.....just own up to it, cheap $5 parts can fix this but Sonos is profiteering off their own cost cutting mistake and/or its just too labor intensive to take apart their cool glued together box and fix.

Make people video their issue now for customer service?!?, really!?!?
Trying to stall the wave of complaints to slow down all the "offers" now???

Good luck!
My playbar is also making a high pitched whine sound, it goes away if I play music or other audio. After unplugging the optical cable, it keeps making the noise. Diagnostic # 1161461616