Help with Onkyo TX-NR686 and 5.1

Hello community, would really really appreciate your help with this.

Recently got the Onkyo TX-NR686 because it "works with Sonos." I have 4 Klipsch speakers installed in my ceiling and a Klipsch subwoofer (all hard-wired). When I did a test through the Onkyo receiver, there is sound running through all the channels. However, I hooked it up to a Sonos Connect Amp, and when I try to hook it up with my Sonos app on my phone, NOTHING happens. I will say that it does seem like the Sonos Connect Amp "Sees" my phone, because if I try to play a music track, and hit pause on the Sonos Connect Amp, it does pause it on my phone. I have the Sonos Connect Amp connected to the Onkyo via RCA. There's clearly something wrong here. I have it going into the correct outputs as I saw in this video, but still not working. (

Then, I installed the Beam - which I plan on using as my center channel... and it made me put that into a separate room.. but yeah, that works (on it's own). And when I group it to my other channel (which is clearly dead/not working), that obviously doesn't help. I spent literally the entire day trying to make this work, to no avail. I'm wondering what else I could possibly do. Am I supposed to connect my Beam somehow into the Onkyo receiver? Not sure how that would help since the receiver isn't working.


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