[HELP] What’s the best setup for SONOS Surround 5.1? And Couple beginner questions!

  • 20 November 2015
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Hi guys,

I’ve recentely heard about SONOS I wouldn’t say that I am an audiophile but I love music and speakers setup. It was very nice to see that SONOS has a very active community and I am think about building a home theater setup with SONOS speakers. So I would like to clarify couple doubts, and check whats the best setup possible, that the community would recommend.

I was thinking about using the Playbar as Center Speaker purchase to new PLAY:5 and use as left and right speaker, and two PLAY:3 or PLAY:1 as surround speakers at the back.

1 - Is this the best setup? Do I need to buy anything else? For what I read I don’t need the BRIDGE or CONNECT to make this work right, just plug an Ethernet caple to the playbar?

2 – I want to use those speakers with my TV LG 55EG9600 and I would hate having to go to the cellphone app to turn volume up and down. I will be able to control all speakers volume with the magic remote ? Anyone had any trouble doing that with NEW LG tvs?

3 – Is there a complicated setup to avoid the delays? I read that there would be a delay of 50ms with the home theater setup, that’s true? Is it easy to fix?

4 – I use AirPlay on daily basis, since I don’t know SONUS app, I am not sure I will adapt having to go to SONUS app to play Spotify or any music on my cellphone, I already have an airport express. If I plug the 3.5mm cable on any of the PLAY:5 speakers would that work on all speakers including the sound bar? What will happen if the TV is on and I do that it will play both audios, until I mute the tv, or it will do that automatically?

Sorry for all the question guys. It is a big investment and I would really appreciate any help, to understand if SONOS fits my needs.

Thanks in advance!


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28 replies

At this point, Sonos has not suggested that they're working on anything that would allow separate front (L, C, R) speakers.

I wouldn't mind it if they did, though.
Ive had simialr problems. I made some small changes and it works really well, altho some Audio snobs may disagree. Basically move highs to the bar and lows to the sub.

Crystal clear btw and jard sub pounding. Iuse the playbar, sub, and the 2 play1s in rears