HDfury Arcana: eARC Adaptor: Things you should know

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@MrChrisD With the Arcana you can still use the native apps on your TV. The Arcana is only used for external media devices. 


That’s not 100% accurate, or perhaps should be clarified.  If you want to get audio from native TV apps to the Sonos Arc, Arcana would still be used in the process. The TV side of Arcana will connect to your HDMI-ARC port on your TV, and your TV will send audio (when playing native apps) back along that connect to Arcana.  Arcana will then pass the audio on to the Sonos Arc.  I have not used this feature myself, as I find it easier just to use an external streaming box, but others have used it without issue.

One way to look at it is that Arcana will take audio from external sources or your TV via HDMI-ARC, and pass it via HDMI-eARC to Sonos Arc.  At the same time, it will take video from external sources and pass that on to your TV.

THANK YOU! That’s exactly what I needed to know.