Have to turn tv off and on multiple times for audio to work

  • 20 September 2022
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Hi i’ve been having a problem with my set up for some time now. 

I have Sky Q which i watch on a samsung tv. My sonos bean is connected by arc hdmi, and there are 2 play 1’s connected vis the wifi as surround sound. 

Often, but not always, when I turn on the TV the sound does not work. Sometimes it will play sound for around 1 second, then go off. Other times, just no sound. 

To get it to work I have to turn the TV off and back on, usually a few times - sometimes 8 or more times! Quite frustrating. 

Can anyone help with this issue??  Ive read a few similar ish posts and have restarted my equipement, checked TV is on autoplay, and am all up to date.  I have also just swapped the HDMI lead in case that was a problem. Time will tell. 



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Sounds as though an issue with the CEC handshake between your Beam (or bean as you say. LOL) and your Samsung. I suggest unplugging all connections HDMI, power to Beam/surrounds and TV.

  • Connect HDMI between Beam and TV
  • Plug in TV and Beam (make sure you are getting sound to Beam without a drop-out)
  • Plug in the surrounds

If the above does not work then I suggest you run setup again for Beam and surrounds via Sonos app. Let us know the results.

Sounds like the Samsung is having issues establishing the CEC/ARC connection. I’d double check that the TV’s software is up to date, then I’d unplug the TV from power for five minutes. While the TV is powered down, I’d double check that the HDMI cable is properly seated in both the Sonos Beam, and the TV set’s ARC port. Once the five minutes is done, plug the TV back in to power.

Do not just turn off the TV using the remote, or buttons on the TV set, the reboot needs to be completed by unplugging it from the wall. 

CEC is a mess. Here is an alternate strategy.

Unplug all HDMI connections from the TV, power up the TV (after the 5 min unplugged from power period) and ARC, then make the HDMI connection. Now, attach the SKY Q to the TV.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I followed a combination of the suggestions including powering down 5 mins, reseating connections and even replaced hdmi lead and also updated tv software. Touch wood it’s been ok for the last 6 days and I would have previously expected the issue to occur in that time! So it could well be fixed. Thanks again! My bean is grateful 😂