have gen 1 system in house, connectamp feeding patio - how to add new home theater speakers

  • 19 June 2023
  • 1 reply

from prior home, i have a gen 1 system including sonos connect amp that feeds my patio speakers.  have moved to different home and would like to make the existing high quality speakers used for ceiling into sonos capability … do i need to get another connect amp?  or is there an easier solution?


i have heard bad stories about connecting non gen 1 components to gen 1 items … is that something to be concerned about??

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1 reply

It depends on the age of your CONNECT:AMP. Units manufactured in 2015 or later are S2 compatible. Here is the compatibility list. The date of manufacture is the first four digits of the serial number. For example: 1501 would be January of 2015.

The current incarnation of CONNECT:AMP is the SONOS AMP.