Grouping/Ungrouping pair of Play:1 speakers from Surround sound

  • 23 March 2016
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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the sonos community and just installed a playbar and sub to my media room. I purchased a pair of Play:1s that I would like to pair with the playbar/sub for 5.1 surround. Until i can afford additional speakers, is it possible to designate a Play:1 speaker for multiple scenarios as they are moved to different rooms? Here is what I was thinking, Im not sure if all scenario are possible or just a combination:

Scenario 1: 2 Play:1s connected to playbar for 5.1 surround in media room
Scenario 2: 2 Play:1s in stereo in the kitchen
Scenario 3: 1 Play:1 in bathroom

I'm hoping I can unplug and transfer 1 or 2 of the speakers from room to room. I would place the speakers in the same spot so that the trueplay acoustics would remain consistent.


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7 replies

Same question??
You would have to unbond the Play:1s from the Playbar to use them in another room. For scenario 2, you would need to pair them after unbonding. And vice versa to go back to 5.1. Trueplay settings will have to be repeated each time because they are not retained after reconfiguring (Trueplay for 5.1 is not available), and none of it is a quick, easy process. Though it is possible, I suspect it would get tiresome.
Thanks jgatie. I was afraid of that. Guess I better save up then
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While you are saving up, I would hazard to suggest that you will get more pleasure for your pound/dollar/euro by using the Play:1s in scenario 2 or 3, rather than as surrounds in your media room. The benefit of surrounds is marginal (in my opinion) when compared to the benefits of bringing Sonos to other rooms, with music all synced perfectly together. In fact, in your shoes, for now I would put one Play:1 in the kitchen and 1 in the bathroom. Music in 3 rooms, with scope to build on that as funds allow.
Thanks. I'll definitely try that.
I have a similar but slightly simpler question:
I have a play base with my tv and two Ones in the kitchen/dining room, which is open plan. When sitting on my sofa watching tv, the Ones are beautiful as surround speakers, but most of the time I’d just want to pass through the TV sound so you can hear the tv properly in the kitchen when working (when just listening to the Ones as surround speakers it is very hard to follow conversation on the tv). So I don’t want to use the speakers as a separate room, but rather toggle the mode from surround speakers to a stereo pair in the same room so that you get the full body of sound.
As far as I can see, the only way to do this is to run Trueplay every time I change modes (especially for the surround set up). Any suggestions?
Is this a feature that is on your development roadmap?
Thanks for your help!
Even if you could do what you seem to suggest, it would not do much to solve the problem. And it is nought to do with Trueplay.
What you need is another play 1 unit in the kitchen, grouped with the TV set up, that will pipe all the sound content to you from a place much closer to your ears.