Getting rid of message on Samsung TV?

  • 13 February 2017
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Got my soundbar all hooked up and turned off the tv speakers. now when I turn the volume up/down I get a on screen message that says "!Not Available"

My volume does indeed turn up and down I just want to get rid of this message, I found the list that shows how to do this but it appears to be for different cable/satellite providers remotes, not the actual TV remotes. I do not have cable or satellite so that list does not help. How can i get rid of this message using my Samsung TV remote?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if I missed a list of tv remotes I apologize

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3 replies

I have had the same issue as well pal and never found a way to get around it so far 😕
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The TV remote is always going to send a remote code for the TV it controls. There's no way around that, unless your TV has some kind of universal remote function and can be programmed to control an external sound system (many of Samsung's 2016 UHD models do, for example).

That's why most of the instructions you're finding are for other universal remotes, because you can tell it you have a different model of sound system or TV, so it will use a different manufacturer's remote codes for the volume control.
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There is usually a menu option to turn off on screen display, somewhere around where you turn off your TV speakers.
I have a Samsung TV (UE55H6400) as well and I have turned it off and have no such issues.

You may have to root around your menu options as sadly I don't recall how to nor am I near my TV as the moment.