Figured out why Sonos System was getting dropped.

  • 4 April 2024
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This hasn't been a issue in the past but ever since I upgraded my LG C2 to new OS it is not a problem. Now with Playstation 5 not even powered on, if the HDMI is plugged in for Playstation my Sonos drops for the TV. Making me have to set up tv again. I am going upload my logs and see if I can get some help. 


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2 replies

That’s rather strange, particularly as your PlayStation is not even powered on🤔? It initially sounded like a problem with the CEC protocol on the LG TV, but maybe it’s an issue with an internal LG HDMI PCB board, or perhaps a faulty port/connection.

Hope you post back what you do eventually discover from your ongoing troubleshooting.

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Hi @RichardZ 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Sorry to hear of the issues you’re having with your Sonos Arc, LG TV and Playstation 5.

I’m with @Ken_Griffiths - it sounds like a CEC issue. You will probably be able to eliminate the issue by fitting a CEC-less HDMI adaptor to the PS5’s HDMI cable. You will lose automatic input switching and power control of the TV via the PS5’s settings, however.

I hope this helps.