Feature Request: Settings Presets

  • 14 August 2020
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For Home Theater setups (Arc, Playbar, etc.) either standalone or as a full 5.1 System (Sub + Surrounds) I think users would appreciate the ability to have multiple presets to automatically switch based on source (or, although this is less useful, at a minimum manually toggle via a single button switch in the settings)

For example for HDMI Input (TV) content I much prefer Trueplay tuning turned on as it improves sonic performance incl. speech which becomes clearer and I get better Atmos performance. However, I find Trueplay does not sound good with Streaming Audio from sources such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc. as I suffer from the metallic/harsh treble and loss of mids.

I would suggest a feature so that a user can save custom presets (incl. Trueplay + EQ Setings + Sub + Surrounds settings). If the Arc can switch to that once it detects an HDMI input from the TV but then have the ability to switch to a different preferred profile automatically when it detects music that would be ideal.

These change as I keep adjusting but right now for TV I have Trueplay ON, Sub -2, Treble -1

For Music I prefer to have Trueplay OFF (tinny/harsh sound with overly boomy bass with it On), Sub +2, Surrounds set to Full.

This would save a lot of individual settings that I manually toggle constantly depending on what I am using the system for.

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5 replies

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Hi @starlan.

Thanks for reaching out and for bringing this up to us.

We highly appreciate your suggestion, and rest assured that all feature requests are being forwarded to our Engineering Department for consideration. 

While I don't have any details as to if it'll happen, I already switched this thread over to an ‘Idea’ to ensure that your voice is heard with the team.


Feel free to let us know of any other feature requests you may have, and if you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help.

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+1 vote for this also. 

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@Annazel S Hopefully this will be implemented soon, its a great idea, I also find im always changing settings around when switching between normal TV, Movies and music, Being able to set presets would be great and save the messing about. A lot of the high end soundbars from LG and Samsung have this feature.

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Hi @Mitchellsx.

Thanks for reaching out. 

It is with feedback from users like yourself that help us enhance the end users experience with Sonos.

This was indeed a great idea and I can also understand the benefit out of it. 

Should this be introduced, we will certainly announce it.

In the meantime, I am happy to forward this topic along to the team for consideration and visibility.


Feel free to let us know of any other feature requests you may have, we’d be glad to send them up for you.

Hey all!

I’ve seen several posts/threads almost identical to this one  It would be super cool to have more options for EQ settings or even several different user programmable EQ settings.   I LOVE MY SONOS SPEAKERS and would love them even more with these added features!



Matt R.