Feature request: Adjust Night Mode strength

  • 16 October 2022
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I’m not sure how to contact Sonos regarding feature requests so I’ll just add it here and hope for the best:


I would like to be able to adjust the amount of the “night mode” effect used. I live in an apartment and there’s only maybe a 2-3 hour window in each day where I can fully enjoy my surround system. Unfortunately that’s during the day when it’s bright in my living room.

Because of this I have to use “night mode” almost exclusively when watching content. While it sounds great, it’s a bit too extreme for normal daytime use. If I could bring the effect down 50% it would be perfect.


I think that a lot of users would appreciate this function and a lot of purists might be less disgusted to hear it was being used. 😁

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1 reply


I see how others are putting their request in the title. Unfortunately I can’t edit that now. Mods feel free to change it to:


Feature request: adjust night mode strength



Moderator note: Done