Failure To Complete ARC connection to LG 65C2 TV via HDMI

  • 17 May 2023
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I have a Sonos ARC Soundbar connected to an LG OLED65C2PSC TV and after several months of trying I am still unable to successfully establish a connection that allows the LG Magic Remote to control volume and mute.

I can get sound through the Sonos when connected to the TV’s HDMI2 (ARC) port but no remote control functionality.

If I use the Optical->HDMI converter supplied by Sonos and connect the Soundbar that way I can get full remote functionality, and the Sonos App completes the connection process without any errors. Perfect but I want full HDMI so I can get the Atmos channels.

I have tried every TV setting on this blessed earth but the Sonos App always fails during the process of trying to link to the TV when connected to HDMI2(ARC).

For completeness yes I have set…

  1. TV eARC to On
  2. TV Audio Stream to passthrough

During these failed attempts to connect I have observed the following…

  1. If the TV audio out is already set to HDMI2 it will sometimes switch to TV speaker when the Sonos App tries to trigger a connection.
  2. Sometimes the TV responds with a Banner which says “HDMI 2 Available” which suggests it has got the connection request and switched HDMI2 on. I then get sound through the connection.
  3. The Sonos App always gives an error message that it is unable to detect the HDMI.


I have factory reset the TV and the Sonos ARC and started from scratch but the same problem persists.

I have spent two weeks back and forth with LG who have explored the issue but concluded that the problem is with the Sonos App not detecting the HDMI connection, hence it doesn’t complete the process of setting up to receive the remote control signals (but it does successfully through TV Optical out).

Because it works through Optical out I thought it must be a software issue on the TV where the remote control codes are not being added to the data stream on the eARC. I now realise it is more likely to be the Sonos App failing to detect the HDMI conneCtion.

My current deduction is that the TV is very slow to respond to the Sonos App request to connect via HDMI2 and the App is timing out. I note that the TV banner indicating successful activation of HDMI2 often comes around the same time that the Sonos App throws up the fail to find HDMI message.

Is this just a timeout issue with the Sonos App not allowing enough time for the TV to respond or is it more complex?

I have read all the forum posts on similar issues and none of them have provided a solution.


2 replies

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Do you have anything else connected to the TV? Did you enable Simplink in the TV settings? Are you using the Sonos-supplied HDMI cable?

Yes Simplink is enabled.

Yes am using Sonos cable but also tried unsuccessfully with another high quality HDMI cable.

I tried setting up with existing HDMI1 input from Fox Box and then tried many times with it disconnected and the source just being the TV tuner with only connection being HDMI2 to the Sonos. Same outcome.