Error Message with Sony TV / Playbase & Volume Bar

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How do I stop the "volume is fixed" error message on my Sony XBR-55X850D, run through a Playbase? I don't see a fixed/variable audio choice on the TV's menu.

Relatedly, is it possible to show the Playbase's volume level on the TV, i.e., a volume bar just like normal? It kind of feels like I'm flying blind when changing the volume in the absence of that visual representation.

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The FAQ might help.

If you have a universal remote a simple option is to configure it for another make of TV, and teach the PLAYBASE to use that instead.

You can't display the Sonos volume on the TV. The optical connection has no way to do this at all.
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I saw that FAQ, but it doesn't have instructions for Sony remotes. I use the Sony remote that came with the Sony TV. And I also use the Apple TV remote too. Both remotes trigger the error message.
The Sony remote will obviously output only Sony codes.

The Apple TV remote must have been programmed for the Sony. Program it for, say, Samsung instead. Then update the PLAYBASE by teaching it the new codes.