era 300 getting warm on the front!

  • 30 October 2023
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era 300 getting warm on the front! They are ok when not running. But when running their get warm. Is it something to worry about?


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4 replies

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How warm and what is your room temperature?

Idle Sonos are known to be attractive to cats looking for a warm place to nap. :-)

My room is not that warm  as i don't get the sun in the back room  the Era 300's  are on the wall and by a window so got a lot of ventilation

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Hi @Dave44 

Thanks for your post!

“Warm” is not something I’d worry about - it’s perfectly natural for electronic devices to warm up a bit when in use, especially if they are getting pushed a bit. The woofers at the front will use the most power, so they will likely warm up first, and/or more.

If you ever see signs of melted plastic on the unit, however, please immediately unplug from power and get in touch with our technical support team to report as much.

I hope this helps.


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My room is at 80 F, my One SL is at 88 F, my Gen 1 Beam ranges from 85 to 87 F. All playing at fairly loud background sound levels.