eARC problems with LG CX (Beam and Arc)

  • 19 December 2020
  • 28 replies

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28 replies

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Same issue.  I have a new LG 87” connected to my Arc via the eARC HDMI port utilizing an expensive high bandwidth return cable.  My system is connected to a Sonos sub and 2 Sonos One wirelessly.  My audio drops daily, whether I’m on cable (Xfinity) or AppleTV.  Always requires a reset.  Not good for a $2k+ system.

If you disconnect the Xfinity box, do you still experience audio drops from the Apple TV?

Yep.  It also drops from Internet streaming content, resulting in blaring audio from the TV built-in speakers, which then can’t be controlled.  Thanks for your reply.

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My Sonos system has broke again.  My ARC will not connect to the sub or surrounds even if I reset everything and reinstall the entire system now.  I’ve wasted 8+ hours between Sonos support and the dealer so I’m returning the components to the dealer on Tue.