DVD player interfering with sonos beam. And TV only plays in stereo not surround

  • 17 May 2019
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I have...
A new Sony Bravia TV
A sonos beam , connected via hdmi arc
Two play 1s set up as surround by the sonos app
A Phillips DVD player connected to the TV by hdmi
Everything from the TV is routed through a sky box

When the DVD player is connected to the TV, the TV does not play through the beam at all but the DVDs play in surround sound through the beam. As soon as I disconnect the DVD player, the TV plays through the beam but only in stereo, not in surround sound.

What have I got configured incorrectly ? I shouldn't have to keep unplugging the DVD player should I ?

5 replies

By unplugging the DVD player hdmi lead from the TV, the beam now plays the TV in surround sound. So I'm now left with how do I stop the DVD player interfering with the beam when both are on.
I’ve read that there are devices that stop HDMI-CEC commands from being carried through a connector, but I’d look in the settings of the DVD player first, to see if it can be turned off there.
I think this is one of those adapters.

Thanks. I have ordered one of these. Hopefully it will solve my problem.
There's no setting in the DVD player to turn off CEC? That's odd. What's the model number that you have? Oh, it's a Philips. I'm more familiar with the Sony players, having once been an employee of Sony.