Dual Subs - One Gen 3, One with Amp?

  • 2 August 2021
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I’m downsizing from a house into an apartment and trying to adopt a neighborly spirit while compromising my movie-watching experience as little as possible - “but wait, the topic says ‘dual subs’?”

I want to use a Sonos amp to drive a pair of bass transducers to get the shake of heavy bass while having my gen 3 sub turned down low-ish to be a good neighbor. Is it possible to have a mixed pair of dual subs in the Sonos app without killing surround sound? I’ve seen workarounds that involve creating a second room to group but my understanding is that that would negatively impact surround sound/Atmos.


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1 reply

Can I assume that this will be some sort of “chair shaker”?

SONOS AMP does support dual SONOS SUBS or 3rd party subs, but not in a mixed environment. I think that you could get away with a Grouped room to drive your shaker. There will be a slight time skew for the shakes and the shakes will not be exclusively from the LFE channel, but I think that you’ll be satisfied with the results.

How will you keep the transducers from coupling to the floor?

Edit: another approach would be to drive a 3rd party line level crossover and power amplifier as a Grouped room. You’ll still have the time skew, but you’ll have better control of frequencies delivered to the shakes.