DTS file doesn't play on Playbase (XPLAY/LG B6D/MKV file)

  • 13 January 2018
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Hi all,

after searching the forums for my specific problem for ages I came to the conclusion that I need to open my own topic 🙂 A fews weeks ago I added two Play 1 to my Playbase. After playing in the settings of my LG B6D TV for a bit I finally got it to output DD5.1 to my Playbase from Live TV/PS4 and so on.

Sound Out: Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC)
Digital Sound Out: Auto
DTV Audio Setting: Dolby Digital

However, since doing this, the Playbase doesn't play DTS files anymore from my Synology NAS (Before I guess they were encoded to PCM) using XPLAY. I would assume, since I can select Dolby Digital as the DTV Audio Setting, it should also output DTS like this (I know that the Playbase doesnt support DTS directly, which is shame tbh...). Still the Playbase is showing no signal at all.

Any way to solve this. Switching to PCM in the options manually everytime I want to watch a movie is neither comfortable or acceptable with such an expensive soundbar..

Thanks in advance! 🙂

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2 replies

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Hello there, rStorms. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. As you know, the PLAYBASE cannot read DTS files. If there were to be any type of conversion, it would likely be somewhere in the settings of XPLAY. From the TV settings you provided, I would also take a look at what the other options are for Digital Sound Out. Perhaps it is acting as a pass-through of the format.
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The DTV Audio Setting on LG TVs is a bit of a misnomer (and quite pointless IMO). It doesn't convert audio streams on the fly, it just lets you select which format you want IF a particular file has multiple audio streams associated with it. So in this case it doesn't convert DTS down to DD5.1, it's still outputting DTS (if you check your Sonos Settings, it will say audio stream not supported).

I think you have some flexibility with Plex, but I'd have to recheck tonight to see if it down converts DTS.