Dolby Digital Plus update

  • 29 November 2018
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If you mean you don't have a Sub for the '.1', no audio is discarded. So if the 5.1 signal is coming in, all channels are used to the best of the capabilities of what you've got set up.
I mean I have no sub connected and it still says 5.1 dobly... in the Sonos setting under about my sonos
I mean I have no sub connected and it still says 5.1 dobly... in the Sonos setting under about my sonos

That is the source, not the output.
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Please enlighten us all on how.
What device are you using to watch Netflix? If it is an app on your TV, there's a good chance that the TV is feeding DD 5.1 to Sonos. If not, then I'd like to know how you've managed to convert the DD+ from Netflix to the DD 5.1 that Sonos needs.

I've a Beam 5.1 setup connected to a 4 year old Sony KDL50W829b. The TV supports DD+. All devices are connected to TV via HDMI. The Beam receives 5.1 confirmed by Sonos App from Netflix on PS4, but not via Chromecast. I always assumed the TV was doing the magic, but it could well be the PS4.

On the other hand, I can cast Google Play Movies, which I believe is DD+, and I get my 5.1 on the Sonos.

This thread is extremely helpful. I recently discovered that my Sonos Playbar was receiving a stereo signal from all the apps on my LG OLED B7 which wasn't immediately obviously because of virtual surround. The TVs documentation is very unclear and originally led me to the conclusion that it would transcode to 5.1 from multiple higher res formats on the fly but the tldr seems to be that the source needs to output Dolby Digital for this to work with everything else falling back to Stereo. Xbox One can be set to output Dolby Digital whereas Chromecast just passed through whatever the app sends natively. The one source that's worked for me is the Firestick Ultra which can also be forced to output Dolby Digital but this still only appears to work for Amazon content with the other apps coming through as Dolby Digital 2.0. 


Practically speaking, the Playbar isn't really a surround sound system anymore except for extremely specific scenarios. 



Neither supports DD+ but when connected via ARC with the beam it uses the handshake to seamlessly down mix. Since playbar uses optical it would then come down to whether your TV supports that. You could also use an Apple TV or another box that allows for DD output.

That’s not true, it only does de handshake and ask for what it can manage, but it doesn’t downmix anything, if the connected device supplies DD+ and doesn’t downmix to DD you doesn’t get that.

And the thruth is that the people is having a lot of problems with this, and it doesn’t expect that type of problems. 

Is it possible to buy any equipment to handle the DD+ to DD conversion, in order to get Chromecast support with full surround sound ?

You do need to set your TV HDMI Audio Format to “Bitstream” and your Audio Format to “Dolby Digital” in order to insure that your Sonos is playing in 5.1. You can’t receive Dolby Digital Plus at this time, but I’m sure a future update can solve that problem. 🙂