Dolby Digital Options

  • 30 October 2016
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I just added two Play:1s to my Playbar and the result is fantastic. The Sonos app is showing Dolby Digital 5.1 and Im happy with the audio when watching via DirecTV.

I also have Plex hooked up to this same setup and Im having an issue with getting the surrounds to return audio.

If I tell Plex the receiver is capable of DTS, I get no audio. This is as expected since the Playbar doesn't support DTS.
Once that's disabled I do get audio but not always from the surrounds.

If the movie is encoded with just AC3/Dolby Digital, I get all five zones.
If the movie is only DTS, there's still audio from the Playbar, but nothing from the surrounds. Is this because Sonos (or Plex) is down-mixing the audio to 2.0/stereo? In every circumstance the Sonos app shows DD 5.1 for about my system.

What am I missing?


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1 reply

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Looks as though you need to set this up in settings.
" example, when you have DTS unchecked but LPCM enabled it will transcode DTS audio to the number of channels configured here. Configure this option to match up with the number of speakers you have, but don't expect it to be used if you only play encoded audio."