Dolby Atmos, What am I doing wrong?

  • 17 July 2022
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Hello everyone,I have an Arc, two SL and a Sub. I can play Atmos without problems, or at least in the Sonos App it says so. The problem is that I can't appreciate the sound or Atmos effect.I have Arc placed in front of the TV and there is nothing above it. The volume of the height speakers is at maximum. I play movies with the AppleTV App and the Sonos App shows that it is playing Dolby Atmos. But nothing, I don't appreciate gunshots, rain, or helicopters above my head :)What am I doing wrong? Is Atmos with Arc really appreciated?I would appreciate any suggestion.Greetings.


Apologies for the English used in this post ;) I have used Google Translate.

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6 replies

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How tall is your ceiling? Is it flat and without any obstruction like a ceiling fan? How far are you seated from the Arc?

Thank you for answering so quickly!In Spain, most people live in rather small flats, so the living room is usually small. That said, these are the distances.Floor to ceiling measures: 260cm From Arc to ceiling measures: 180cm From sofa to Arc measures: 185cm There is nothing installed on the ceiling, it is totally flat.Thank you!
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Your room setup is ideal for hearing height channel effects from Dolby Atmos content. You just need to play content with good Dolby Atmos mixes.

Try testing the film Roma on Netflix. At around the 1:03:25 mark, you should clearly hear the trees burning/crackling above you for the next couple of minutes. Be sure you are playing the original Spanish language audio track.

What a great movie! I saw it precisely because it was one of the few movies in the Netflix catalog that had Atmos in Spanish.We just unsubscribed from Netflix a month ago.Is it possible that you don't appreciate Atmos for playing the content at a low volume?
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Dolby Atmos audio definitely sounds better when played loud, but the most important thing is the quality of the audio mix. Some movies mixed in Atmos sound better than others.

Well, it will be time to bother the neighbors a bit and check if I am finally able to appreciate Atmos.Thank you very much for the help provided. Very thankful :)