Dolby Atmos causing audio on Arc to "pop" then cuts out

  • 8 November 2021
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Sounds like the XBox is generating this scary pop for some reason….Sonos is just playing what is sent down the wire. 

Maybe, but before my arc, I have a Beam, and never this issue with my Xbox.

The Beam, assuming it was Gen 1, wouldn’t have been receiving an Atmos signal. 

Yes, my BEAM was gen1

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Posted on the other thread but will share my insights here as well.  I too am experiencing the issue on both XSX and ATV4K, more often on the series x opposed to the ATV4K but it aligns with everybody is saying


i just finished a RMA process because I caught the pop on video and the support rep processed it as a hardware failure, and the new arc and hdmi cable behaved well for the first three weeks until tonight.  Always happens in the same spot on the series X, when I’m going back to the Home Screen after playing a Dolby Atmos (MAT) title.  

So far I have tried 2 ARCs, 3 Certified HDMI 2.1 cables, two different devices (Xbox and ATV) and two different TVs (Sony x900h, LG C1) and with the pop happening on all combinations, the common theme is the Dolby Atmos MAT format.  I too have not seen the issue on any other audio format or TV smart app

Also opened a ticket with Microsoft, to see if there is something on their end they aren’t doing correctly

As for Sonos, there are literally a 100 users over this thread and the one I’ve posted to “Sonos arc pop then Audio Loss” describing the same issue.  I find it hard to believe Sonos can’t reproduce this issue when it’s so very common 


And yes, I am aware that I can use a downgraded audio format and not have this issue, but when spending $2,000 on a speaker system that does Dolby atmos.  I certainly want to take full advantage