Digital Coaxial/Optical Converter Issue

Just bought the Playbar, and my tv only has digital coaxial out. So I bought a converter, hoping it would solve the issue temporarily, while I shop for a new television.
Have this television:
I set up the converter and I don’t get any red light from the output wire. When I try the same wire into my PS4, I’m in business. Don’t really know what to try next. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Phil

Have you selected the correct position of the selector switch for input source? The other option to consider is to connect the optical cable to your signal source box if it has one?
I think it’s hooked up correctly. I have the digital coaxial running from the digital coax out to the digital coax in on the converter. Then I have switch set to coaxial and an optical going from the output. I have also tried the switch in the other position. There is no red light from the optical in either case. Nor does it work when connected to the Sonos playbar. I should add that the optical also works when connected straight from the TiVo to the Sonos, as well. I have also tried another digital coaxial cable with no success. What is a signal source box? Thanks Phil
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Hi Phil

elvispunk wrote:

What is a signal source box? Thanks Phil

Do you have a cable or other set top box for your TV signal? If so, some of these have an optical output.


The other thing is if you have two optical cables, you could try optical in and out from the PS4 and see if the converter is working.
The only set top box I have is an over the air Tivo. It works when connected from that to PlayBar. The PS4 seems to have only an optical output. I plugged the optical from that (which had the red light shining thru) into the input side of the converter. Plugged the other working optical in output. Tried the switch in both positions, and there is no red light from the end of the output optical. Maybe it is the converter?

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