dialog audio volume too low

  • 25 April 2020
  • 2 replies

I have see some very old threads talking about the exact same issue that I am facing. I have a Sonos Beam with Sub and two Sonos SLs

I have the beam connected to TCL6 series via HDMI arc and TV audio is set to output Dolby Digital.

I am using native roku apps to stream.  

When I play YouTube, I get good dialogue volume, Level 20 is good enough and the music and dialog levels seem balanced.

When I play netflix, the sound effects are way too loud in comparison and dialogues are barely audible. To make sense of the dialogues I have to turn up volume to 40 or even higher however that makes the effects too loud.  I have to constantly keep adjusting the volume.  This is so frustrating.

It almost feels like the center channel is not loud enough in either 3.1 or 5.1 setup. I have tried the Speech Enhancement too, it helps a little but not enough.   

I have also tried True Play tuning many times.  

Any more ideas?


2 replies

You may not be getting Dolby Digital from Netflix. While playing it, you should double check what is being received by your Beam, by opening the controller, and go to Settings > System > About My System and see what the Audio in line under your Beam says. There maybe audio settings in the Netflix app itself that need to be adjusted.

It indeed is getting a dolby 5.1 signal, I just confirmed from the System Info. Someone suggested to turn off “Loudness”. I will try that.