Debating between two possible positions for One SL Surrounds. Sketch inside, any advice appreciated!

  • 10 January 2021
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Hi all,

My room layout has a couple different options as far as wall mounting surrounds go, and I'm having trouble deciding between them.

I'm thinking option "A" (shown as green boxes in the sketch) would be better when considering music playback, as it would be better for distributing sound through the entire floor, versus being focused on the couch/seating area.

Option "B" (shown as blue boxes) would likely be the better option for pure home theater/couch sound quality, although (from what I understand), the speakers would ideally be further forward and to the sides (as in option "A").

My main concern with Option "A" is the extra 7' or so of distance between the couch center and the right surround, but the depth of the surround speakers seems more ideal. The space around the right surround for option "B" is a high-traffic area (not ideal to have a speaker jutting out there), so I need to factor that in as well.

Any feedback from actual audio experts and/or people who have experience with similar layouts would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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1 reply

In general, listening is best when the speakers are symmetrically arranged with respect to the listener’s position. In my opinion ‘B’ is best because of its symmetry with respect to the couch and kitchen. The Dining Ares will suffer a little regardless. For a listener in the Kitchen ‘A’ places one speaker around the corner. This is not good.