DD+ on the Beam

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Hi Sonos.


S2 has been a let down so far for me. Please tell me you are going to add DD+ functionality to the beam?


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+1 please add DD+ to Beam for streaming. 5.1 with a center channel for voices sounds considerably better than 2.0. 

By when can we expect DD Plus support on beam? I purchased beam yesterday and was planning build 5.1 setup with beam incrementally by month end.

i didnt chose arc as it will not give good experience as we have fan on ceiling which will interfere with ceiling firing speaker... since beam is playing dd 2.0 with netflix,  disney plus and hotstar there is no point now going with remaining components and am also stuck with beam which is not adding much value just working alone... though i know with sub and surrounds it would have been killer…

@sonos: any timelines? technically you are loosing on money by not giving dd plus option in beam plus customers like us where arc/atmos is not best to go with are stuck with sub par experience. 

Am okay to be part of beta testing of dd plus beam but cant move forward in building 5.1 setup unless this issue is resolved.

My guess is the chip built in to the Beam does not have the capability to decode DD+, if it was merely a software issue, they would have likely released it when they released the new software for the Arc. The Beam was spec’d many years before the Arc was, it’s unlikely to share chipsets with the much newer Arc. 

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@Shobhit Are you sure that the fact your stand alone Beam does is playing DD 2.0 is caused by the lack of DD+ support? From what I’ve seen on both my 2011 Samsung and my 2019 Samsung is that both TV’s do decode DD+ from apps on the TV to DD, so on both TV’s I get 5.1 surround On the Beam (plus One plus Sub). The only case where I did not get succeed in getting 5.1 was from a Chromecast on the 2011 TV, probably caused by the Chromecast not being able to provide DD and the TV not being able to decode DD+ fro external sources.

@106rallye: Its working with Prime Video in DD 5.1, but with Netflix and Hotstar am getting DD 2.0.

I tested with Beam in my setup (I still have to get Sub and Surround):

When I play on Netflix (eg: Man of Steel, Wanted etc), DD+ is disabled under “Expert Settings” in Samsung tv sound settings, and I choose DD option on tV which streams DD 2.0 to Beam. Screenshots below:

Samsung tv:

Samsung tv Sound Settings for Netflix/Hotstar/Disney+: UA 55NU7100



BEAM on NETFLIX/Hotstar/Disney+


When I play on Prime Video (eg: Manifest, Harry Potter 6 etc), DD+ is enabled (unlike in netflix) under “Expert Settings” in Samsung tv sound settings, but i dont get any sound on Beam if I chose DD+, so I choose DD option on tv which streams DD 5.1 to Beam. Screenshots below:


Samsung tv Sound settings with prime video:

sAMSUNG TV sound setting with prime video app


Beam with prime video:

Beam with prime video app on TV


Let me know what you think.




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Sorry, it took me a while to take som pictures of the settings on my 2019 QE65Q90 (my system is set to Dutch by the way_):





All read 5.1 on my Sonos app, using a Beam (plus Sub and surrounds).